Career in Winconnect

About team

WiConnect is headquartered in New York, but our team members are dispersed Internationally – talent and determination are what matter to us

Our advantages

WiConnect is a fully funded startup in a rapidly growing industry. We offer flexibility, a collaborative environment, and the opportunity to directly impact the strategic direction of the company.

And of course, all the usual benefits you’d expect.

Who You’ll
Be Working With

Our founders are leaders with significant experience in the communications industry. They’ve developed and monetized cellular and Wi-Fi networks for decades and have launched several successful subsidiary companies.

They really don’t have large egos — they’re leaders you’ll want to work with.

WiConnect Team

Self-starters that wear multiple hats (not literally, of course), urgent when getting it done, and proactive at solving customer and partner concerns

Visionary that not only sees but initiates plans to achieve shared future success

Actively willing to help create a fun, productive working environment

Smart, collaborative and hardworking that believe in a work-life balance

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