Provide more
than Wi-Fi

Lean into the role of partnering with your clients by providing new revenue and compelling brand communications.
Supercharge your services
WiConnect’s powerful suite of products helps Wi-Fi providers add revenue generation, targeted messaging and unique insights for their clients. Our real-time advertising and messaging platform sets us apart from our competitors, and will set you apart from yours.
Ways to increase client value by leveraging WiConnect’s platform:
  • Receive revenue from guest Wi-Fi sessions
  • Send security information and alerts
  • Offer credit cards to hotel visitors
  • Sell merchandise at stadiums or colleges
  • Promote App downloads
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Revenue generation
Integrate this extension into your captive portal to add targeted messaging capabilities. Then choose to let our experienced sales team sell the ad space while you receive revenue.
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Messaging and audience insights
Empower your clients to engage with visitors after login and continue to message them even after they leave the venue’s Wi-Fi network.
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Custom media portal
Offer a branded, fully customized Wi-Fi landing page featuring content tailored to specific venues or clients with the option to host ads for additional revenue generation.
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Engaging Wi-Fi experiences
Create an advanced captive portal that provides reliable Wi-Fi access and state-of-the-art device onboarding optimized for robust messaging and advertising revenue generation.
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Make every connection count with our unique
combination of network and adtech expertise.
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