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Gain insights about your visitors, provide targeted messaging, continue to communicate with visitors that leave your network and generate advertising based revenue. With WiConnect now you can!
Public transportation
Smart cities
Stadiums, arenas
Offer more with WiConnect
Engaging and intelligent Wi-Fi experiences
Advanced, highly flexible Captive Service provides reliable access to Wi-Fi networks (compatible with Hotspot 2.0)
Messaging and audience insights
Learn valuable insights about your audience and target messaging on and off network.
Customized, branded media portal
Content aggregation solutions: curated content portals and landing pages personalized by client and venue type with the option to incorporate advertising and paid content for additional revenue.
Revenue generation
WiConnect’s platform is optimized for revenue generation. Our experienced sales team sells ad inventory and you profit.
Make every connection count with our unique
combination of network and adtech expertise.
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