Need a full captive portal experience? We cover all the bases with flexible onboarding, powerful messaging and revenue generation.

Robust functionality for service providers

For businesses that need a standalone captive portal—not just add a few pages to an existing one—WiConnect CaptivateMax is your fully powered solution.

Learn about WiConnect for:

Empower audience engagement
CaptivateMax offers incredible flexibility and integrates well with controllers from a wide range of Wi-Fi equipment manufacturers.
  • Improve Wi-Fi onboarding control by device manufacturer and OS version
  • Build new user experiences (UX) quickly with our self-service portal 
  • Communicate in multiple languages 
  • Access event tracking for detailed user journey insights
  • Option to activate RTB (Real-Time Bidding) programmatic advertising


Build a branded, fully customized Wi-Fi landing page featuring venue-specific content that can generate advertising revenue.
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Extend engagement with visitors beyond your captive portal by continuing to message them even after they’ve left your Wi-Fi network.
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Make every connection count with our unique
combination of network and adtech expertise.
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