WiConnect Captivate

Power up your captive portal with a flexible extension that’s optimized for advertising revenue generation and robust visitor communications.

Maximizing revenue from Wi-Fi

Any business that operates a captive portal can take advantage of WiConnect Captivate to plug-in to create customized experiences that are optimized to support advertising.

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Reap the rewards of your content
WiConnect Captivate can be integrated with any captive portal to enhance visitor engagement. Our flexible platform lets you create and modify custom experiences quickly while our talented sales team works hard to sell the ad space for your benefit.
  • Collect advertising revenue without lifting a finger
  • Ideal for promoting venue information and services
  • Design and build customized experiences quickly with our self-service portal
  • Vary user flows and conduct surveys
  • Redirect to post-login pages by campaign or message
  • Monitor messaging and sales results with a convenient dashboard
Explore for yourself
WiConnect Captivate offers a variety of flexible user flows to create fully optimized,  ad-supported pages.
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Cost per engagement (CPE) flow
Performance-based advertising flow


Build a branded, fully customized Wi-Fi landing page featuring venue-specific content that can generate ad-based revenue.
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Create an entire captive portal that provides flexible Wi-Fi onboarding, generates revenue and supports robust messaging.
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Make every connection count with our unique
combination of network and adtech expertise.
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