WiConnect Splash

Create a branded, customized landing page for your captive portal that can also generate advertising revenue from your network.

A branded destination for your users

WiConnect Splash is ideal for businesses that want to provide location specific and relevant information tailored to their Wi-Fi visitors.

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Flexible, functional design
Let WiConnect build an elegantly branded, customized online experience for your Wi-Fi users after they login to your network. WiConnect Splash is a versatile communications hub that also serves up analytics and opportunities for revenue generation.
  • Promote venue information, services and links to external resources
  • Include widgets like weather, calendars and RSS content from multiple sources
  • Gain access to audience insights
  • Generate revenue from direct ad sales, programmatic RTB advertising and paid content
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WiConnect Splash creates smart, engaging experiences for your guests.
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Custom landing page


Communicate effectively with guests and collect ad revenue effortlessly by integrating this simple extension to your captive portal.
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Create an entire captive portal that provides flexible Wi-Fi onboarding, generates revenue and supports robust messaging.
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combination of network and adtech expertise.
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