Seize the moment with sophisticated ad targeting that connects with your intended audience based on current location, not previous behavior.
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Real-time venue targeting 

Most ad networks can target users who’ve visited a venue. WiConnect LiveReach serves ads to visitors while they’re at a venue and retargets them after they leave.

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The perfect place and time 
WiConnect LiveReach opens up new opportunities for real-time ad campaigns, where context is key and time is of the essence.
  • Accurate and timely ad campaigns across display, mobile, video and social
  • Reach audiences in the moment or niche audiences in contextually relevant environments 
  • Promote time-sensitive offers for immediate action
  • Continue to engage with visitors after they leave venue(s) via re-targeting
  • Standard IAB ad units supported


Purchase high-performance ad placements at airports, public transit hubs, smart cities, hotels, restaurants, stadiums and more. 
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