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WiConnect offers Monetization as a Service (MaaS) that maximizes value and offsets costs of providing free public Wi-Fi
Why monetization?
Changing the paradigm
In a world where smartphones, laptops, tablets and endless connected devices require continuous connectivity, free Wi-Fi access in public places is not only expected, it's often considered a basic right.

While venue owners want to meet their customers' and visitors' expectations, installing and operating a public Wi-Fi network is expensive. Thus, the problem – How do you pay for what the general public demands for free?

WiConnect was created to solve this growing problem. Our team is changing the paradigm by partnering with city managers and venue owners and providing monetization services for public area Wi-Fi networks.

Using proven approaches based on enhancing Wireless Carrier service coupled with a proprietary advertising platform, WiConnect generates revenues while optimizing free Wi-Fi access.
Monetization as a Service (MaaS)
WiConnect works closely with Wireless Carriers (MNOs), Cable Companies (MSOs), Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) and other service providers in realizing lower cost coverage and increased capacity solutions for the Wi-Fi networks it services. Leveraging its expertise in advertising, WiConnect's monetization platform offers a wide variety of approaches for realizing revenues from relevant advertisements personalized by audience and venue type offering both online and offline solutions.

From cities to hotels, transit systems, stadiums, malls and other highly populated venues, WiConnect offers Wi-Fi network owners monetization services while optimizing the user experience.

WiConnect's MaaS Platform includes:
Targeted advertising
Wi-Fi advertising reinvented: unique ad formats and capabilities leading to highest possible returns
Wi-Fi Access
Financially benefit from providing access to roaming networks, MVNOs and Wireless Carriers who desire to improve quality and capacity
Data Monetization
WiConnect mines data segments and insights from digital online and offline behavior that are being used to advertise more efficiently
Audience Extension
Financially benefit even when your visitors are not on your captive portal or website
Content Portal
Offer visitors content-aggregation solutions personalized for users & venue types that extent ad revenue
App/SDK Connection Management
Provide predictable access to Wi-Fi networks while gaining additional audience insights
WiConnect is expanding rapidly and looking for talented innovators to join our team. We have a fun, challenging environment where each person is valued and treated as part owner of the company. If you're a self-starter looking for a collaborative team environment in a young, fully-funded company within a growing, exciting industry, we'd love to hear from you.

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