• Other companies are making money from ads on your network.

    We think you should too!
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  • It’s a Simple idea:

    your network, your consumers, your revenue

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WiConnect’s MaaS offerings are flexible — we tailor revenue generating solutions ideal for your Wi-Fi environment



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About WiConnect

WiConnect is changing adtech by offering Network Owners, Advertisers and Programmatic Platforms new ways to optimize effectiveness. Our proprietary platform facilitates network-enhanced advertising to deliver hyper-relevant digital advertising while protecting user privacy.

About us
About us

How WiConnect is Changing The Game:

  • Ad Platforms: Leverage data from the networks consumers use to browse and access apps to provide matching alternatives when cookies are not detected.

  • Network Owners: Expand revenue through sponsored, targeted direct and programmatic advertising.

  • Advertisers: Achieve higher ROI by delivering more relevant advertising to targeted audiences.


WiConnect is revolutionizing adtech with our proprietary platform. We leverage network-enhanced insights to optimize ad campaigns with hyper-relevancy to maximize performance for higher ROI.

Whether through a Wi-Fi network’s captive portal or through the web pages and apps consumers interact with while connected to our partner’s Wi-Fi, mobile and fixed networks, WiConnect provides an advertising environment that captures consumer attention when they are truly engaged.

  • Highly engaged audience
  • 100% Viewability
  • Data segment targeting
  • Earn Gratitude
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WiConnect offers RTDM (Real-Time Data Matching) solutions for ad platform optimization. We leverage network layer data to target consumers during their Internet session to improve ad platform effectiveness when cookies are not detected.

  • Guaranteed Fraud Free
  • Access to 1st party Data Segments
  • Cookie Matching
  • Increase impression value
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Every year Wi-Fi, mobile and fixed networks deliver billions of web pages that contain billions of ads. Other companies are making money from those ads. We think you should too!

Two primary ways we generate revenue for you:

Network-Enhanced Onboarding Advertising

Showing ads when connecting to Wi-Fi is a common practice, but the way it’s done today leaves money on the table.

With WiConnect’s proprietary onboarding technology platform, you go beyond simple sponsorships to display unique, highly relevant ads to each Wi-Fi consumer while they’re logging onto your network.

This approach enables the most effective, profitable use of your captive portal’s valuable ad inventory. With WiConnect, ads are more relevant to each consumer, commanding premium prices from advertisers.

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Real-Time Network-Enhanced Advertising

Internet Traffic Revenue Generation

Network Owners can NOW financially benefit from programmatic advertising revenue generated on their networks while advertisers improve ROI.

Network Owners/ Operators