WiConnect gives you the power to profit from the digital ad inventory you already deliver

WiConnect generates revenue through
hyper-relevant advertising while protecting user privacy

WiConnect gives you the power to profit from the digital ad inventory you already deliver. Our proprietary ad platform enables us to sell ad inventory on your network at higher rates, capturing revenue for you. From the Wi-Fi onboarding experience to every web page that consumers view, you make money.

It’s a simple idea: your network, your customers, your revenue.

Two primary ways we generate revenue for you:

Network-Enhanced Onboarding Advertising

WiConnect has revolutionized revenue generation through the consumer logon process when accessing public Wi-Fi networks. We combine unique onboarding technologies — our powerful advertising platform and sales expertise.

This is Wi-Fi advertising reinvented. Our ad platform is optimized and integrated into the Real Time Bidding (RTB) ecosystem or programmatic platforms augmented with direct sales. We leverage unique ad formats and capabilities coupled with precise targeting leading to the highest possible ad-based revenue.

Advertising platform optimized for direct sales
and integrated into Real Time Bidding (RTB) ecosystem with the following capabilities

Wi-Fi Onboarding

Advanced Captive Service provides reliable access to Wi-Fi networks (compatible with Hotspot 2.0). Even smoother onboarding and enhanced monetization with optional app, or SDK integrated with your app.

Onboarding Monetization

WiConnect has a revolutionary platform optimized for revenue generation using both targeted direct ad sales and programmatic advertising revenue activation.

Media Portal

Content aggregation solutions: Curated content portals and landing pages personalized by client & venue type, integrated with advertising for additional revenue.

Features of
WiConnect’s Revenue Generation Platform:

  • Offer sponsorship, targeted direct sales and programmatic Real-Time Bidding (RTB) on pre-auth, interstitial and landing pages of captive portal/walled garden;
  • Leverage WiConnect’s onboarding technologies to balance efficient Wi-Fi onboarding with maximum advertising revenue;
  • Incorporate all ad types including rich media;
  • Include a branded Media Portal with real-time content, rich media advertising, stories, widgets and more.
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Every year fixed, mobile and Wi-Fi networks deliver billions of web pages that contain billions of ads. Other companies are making money from those ads. We think you should, too.
Regina Nguyen
Regina Nguyen Chief Strategy Officer

Most data monetization initiatives are focused on extracting data from networks or websites in an attempt to sell data. Ultimately, the data is used for increasing advertising revenue by third parties. WiConnect’s Traffic Revenue Generation (TRG) service directly converts extracted data into advertising revenue eliminating the need to sell data, and specifically PII (Personally Identifiable Information) to third parties. This protection of PII data is a key feature of this efficient, automated and self-contained data monetization service that minimizes revenue sharing to unneeded third parties.

WiConnect’s TRG is a service that extracts unique network based insights. Network-enhanced insights strengthen the advertiser’s understanding of each device for improved targeted and programmatic delivery, thus improving advertising revenue.

Internet Traffic Revenue Generation

WiConnect uses network insights to improve programmatic advertising. We generate revenue while protecting consumer privacy.

  • Network Owners/Managers

    • New traffic-based revenue generation
    • Offer data control to users
  • DSPs

    Demand Side Platforms

    • Cookie matching
    • Cross-Matching
    • Access to new, 1st party data segments
  • MSPs/ DPI Vendors

    • New offerings and revenue stream
  • SSPs

    Supply Side Platforms

    • Cookie matching
    • Increase impression value
  • Consumers

    • More relevant ads
    • Control of data used for advertising
  • Advertisers

    • Bot-free, fraud free advertising
    • 1st party targeting/segments
    • Campaign verification and measurement
    • Higher ad spend ROI
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