When working with WiConnect, brands and ad platforms realize better results by delivering more relevant advertising

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Brands and ad platforms want to improve performance in an ever changing and increasingly competitive environment

  • At WiConnect, we deliver improved performance. Our proven approach leverages insights extracted from the networks of our Wi-Fi, fixed and mobile partners that your consumers use to access the webpages and apps that display your advertising.

  • We don't merely depend upon cookies placed in browsers, we accurately identify target audiences, and verify real consumer authenticity.

WiConnect Solves Problems Facing the Ad Industry

Companies like Google and Apple are restricting access and use of cookies

Too much traffic is computer generated (bots, fraud) that reduces advertising effectiveness

Advertisers need more specific, relevant, and precise ad targeting, while guarding brand image

Our Solutions

Brands realize better results working with WiConnect – we provide advertizing environments that capture consumer attention when they are truly engaged.

  • Whether through a Wi-Fi network’s captive portal or through the web pages and apps that users interact with when using our partner networks, we provide an advertising environment that captures consumers attention during a time they are truly engaged.

  • How do you target without cookies? We use our unique combination of adtech and Wi-Fi networking expertise. We use network-enhanced data to create context-specific data segmentation precisely targeted to the user’s behavior and location. If there is a pre-existing cookie from the advertiser, we combine that with our network-enhanced data to further improve the relevance of their advertising.

Through Wi-Fi onboarding, WiConnect offers a powerful and highly flexible User Experience (UX) designed to optimally balance efficient Wi-Fi onboarding with effective ad campaign performance.



  • AI based data segmentation for hyper-relevant, targeted advertising
  • 1st & 3rd party data integrations available
  • PMP/PG Available
  • 100% Share of Voice
  • Guaranteed Engagement
  • Cookieless Retargeting
  • Earned Gratitude
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Reach Your Desired Audience

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Household Income
  • Family
    Moms, dads, hh decision maker, single
  • Day of week, time of day
  • Geo Targeting
  • Interests
    Travel, health, politics,
    Cpg, etc.
  • Technology
    Device, operating system, etc.

Our Offerings

WiConnect is a smarter, more responsive and agile adtech partner that offers a new approach to increase
advertising effectiveness

WiConnect offers RTDM (Real-Time Data Matching) solutions for ad platform optimization. We leverage network layer data to target consumers during their Internet session to improve ad platform effectiveness when cookies are not detected.

Our Offerings

Server Side Cookies

Since RTB does not require cookies to target a particular user–RTDM leverages 3rd Party and DMP data to reach consumers without the use of cookies. We enrich device profiles with data from multiple sources: Networks, 1st and 3rd Party DMPs, CRM Platforms and Search.


Consumers must go through the authorization process to access WiConnect partner networks or are authorized via the network layer for fixed networks. Authorization is a confirmation that all network users are real.

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