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Venue Owners

Providing free Wi-Fi is expensive. Smartphones, laptops and tablets require continuous connectivity and these days free Wi-Fi in public places is considered a basic right.

While venue owners want to meet their customers’ Wi-Fi expectations, installing and operating a public Wi-Fi network is expensive. WiConnect’s MaaS (Monetization as a Service) was created to solve this growing problem.

We partner with the owners and managers of hotels, cafes, restaurants, retail owners, mass transit, cities and more to enable you to monetize your Wi-Fi network while providing your customers better service, all without investing in products, services or expensive resources – it’s a win/win.

WiConnect can monetize new public Wi-Fi infrastructure or integrate with your existing network. You’ll quickly realize new revenue streams, acquire new customers, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, and gain new insights from Big Data analytics from our MaaS offerings.

MaaS Integration That Works for You

Our platform is fully customizable. We’ll work with you to determine your needs and tailor the right mix based on your environment.

Access Based Monetization
Data Monetization
Audience Extension
Content & Portal
Enchanced Portal w / App / SDK
Hospitality Health Care Retail MDU Public Venues
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Based on

Engagement is Easy

Our process is seamless, and depending on your needs, you can be up & running in as few as 4 weeks.

  • Information Gathering

  • High-level Forecast

  • Proposal Acceptance & Agreement Execution

  • Integration / Deployment

  • Monetization Activation

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