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About Us

We’re revolutionizing Wi-Fi monetization

WiConnect is a Wi-Fi monetization partner that maximizes
the value of wireless connectivity services. It’s our mission to
generate revenue while optimizing the user experience for
sustaining free public Wi-Fi.


Unique Model, Proven Approaches

Our unique Monetization-as-a Service (MaaS) model offers a complete portfolio of monetization solutions to help offset the costs of providing public Wi-Fi service as an amenity.

Using proven approaches based on enhancing Wireless Carrier service coupled with a proprietary advertising platform, WiConnect generates revenues while optimizing free Wi-Fi access.

Our MaaS platform:

Enables venue Wi-Fi owners and operators to offset the costs of providing high quality internet service as an amenity

Offers advertisers and agencies increased ROI on mobile ad spend – and the ability to provide more targeted ads to users, enhancing the user experience

Enables Mobile Operators predictable connectivity at a lower cost

With WiConnect MaaS everyone wins